High technology company, it realizes testing systems in order to check the reliability and quality of microprocessors for microcomputers. It is connected with major microelectronics producers throughout the world.
Director: Antonio Zaffarami
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Comerint S.p.A. is an Italian Training and Industrial Services company belonging to the Dietsmann Technologies Group and affiliated to ENI.

Dietsmann Technologies Group is present in Belgium, France, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom and is particularly concerned with global maintenance services and engineering technologies in the oil upstream sector. Its activities are carried out in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Comerint, within the Dietsmann Group, has the mission of transferring technological and managerial know-how to foster industrial development in Italy and abroad.
Comerint provides services for the energy, education, environment, industry sector in the following fields:





Comerint is certified UNI EN ISO 9001 and has initiated the process for ISO 14000 certification.Comerint is registered and has been entrusted, over the years and with full satisfaction, by international institutions such as the European Community Commission, World Bank, UNIDO, and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

Comerint S.p.A. Head Office is in Rome and performs services abroad either directly or through affiliated companies in Switzerland, Saudi Arabia and Nigeria.Comerint can, whenever required for project purposes, provide access for foreign trainees, to the industrial plants and relevant training facilities operated by ENI major companies such as Snam, Agip, Agip Petroli, Saipem, namely:

  1. Refineries

  2. Tank farms

  3. Petrochemical complexes

  4. Bulk plants

  5. Desalination plants and power plants

  6. Research laboratories and workshops

  7. Pipelines and pumping stations.

The technical personnel entrusted with the normal management and operation of these industrial plants will provide, under Comerint management and supervision, qualified technical assistance and back-up to the trainees, during the on-the-job training.
Comerint may also obtain the access for the trainees and for the experts, to main equipment and machinery supplier’s workshops.

Sole Administrator: Ing. Arata
General Director: Ing. Morganti

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