8 Mar 1998 SINGAPORE – BALI (Indonesia)

Ninth Leg



1st Part

FROM: Singapore – TO: Jakarta (Indonesia)

DATE OF DEP.: 08/03/98 – ATD(z): 02:00 – ATA(z): 06:42

TIME ENR.: 4h 42′ – LENGHT(NM): 495 – AVG.GS: 104 kts- FL: 7500 ft

ROUTING: Wssl, Anito, Pankalpinag, Boslo, Bunik, Wiih.

WEATHER ENR.: Cumulus from 3000 ft up with embedded CB’s, rain.

WEATHER AT DEST.: Scattered at 2000′,few CB’s, visibility 8000 mt, wind 030°/8 k

PREV.WIND ENR.: 180°/15 k

NOTES: We departed Singapore in low clouds, heading for a touching ceremony: the equator crossing! In absence of Champagne we had a toast with the water jar and Cpt. Di Napoli issued a special certificate “real time”. Uneventful landing in Jakarta with a quick preparation for the next flight.

2nd Part

FROM: Jakarta – TO: Bali (Indonesia)

DATE OF DEP.: 08/03/98 – ATD(z): 08:05 – ATA(z): 12:48

TIME RNR.: 4h 44′ – LENGHT(NM): 530 – AVG.GS: 112 kts – FL: 115

ROUTING: Wiih, Kasal, Piala, Achmad Yani, Surabaya, Wrrr.

WEATHER ENR.: Layers, cumulus, CB’s from 2000 ft up, heavy rain with modest turbulence.

WEATHER AT DEST.: Cavok, visibility 7000 mt, wind 100°/6 k

PREV. WIND ENR.: Wind 350°/15 k

NOTES: Jokes from the inter-tropical front: bad (to say the least) weather in our route, with heavy rain for most of this leg. Today was a sort of “IMC festival” and eventually we had a night time close encounter with a CB still in good activity. 15 minutes with rain, lightnings and frequent control’s full deflection. Violent up and downdrafts helped us remind how much respect must be given to such weather phenomena (specially at night, felice is adding). Special thanks to James Teng for his help to find landing charts.

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