7 Mar 1998 Stand by in SINGAPORE



NOTES: Yes, we thought we were deserving a day-off, and elected to stay one more night in Singapore. This once again gives us the opportunity to express our gratefulness to the whole youth flying club and Singapore flying college. Some names: Maj. James Leong, Cpt. Seah Ser Liang, S. Buck C. Lee, Cpt. Simon Ho and our ultra effective italian friend Paolo Mazzon. This space is not enough to describe what these flying enthusiasts have been doing towards our support. In a word, thanks flying friends: you now know that you have new friends in Italy and New Zealand. Yes you too Dana.

Technical message: Mr Ruggiero (GeneralAvia director), how about the parts you were to ship to us? Without the help of our friends in Singapore it would have been difficult to proceed in our trip!!


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