4 Mar 1998 AHMADABAD – CALCUTTA (India)

Sixth Leg



1st Part

FROM: Ahmadabad – TO: Calcutta (India)

DATE OF DEP.: 04/03/98 – ATD(z): 06:04 – ATA(z): 09:23

TIME ENR.: 3h 19′ – LENGHT(NM): 377 – AVG.GS: 114 kts – FL: 090

ROUTING: Vaah, Bodar, Mompi, Vanp

WEATHER ENR.: Sunny for most of the leg, “fair weather” cumulus enroute to Nagpur

WEATHER AT DEST.: Wind calm, cavok (visual approach RWY 32)

PREV.WIND ENR.: 30°/15 k

NOTES: This was funny: rather than fighting the headwind, we elected to take advantage of some thermal activity enroute. The results? Low ground speed, but a good time among the cumulus. Indian controllers are very helpful and friendly. In Nagpur we have been offered a delicious tea by the ATC crew on the top of the control tower.

2nd Part

FROM: Nagpur – TO: Calcutta (India)

DATE OF DEP.: 04/03/98 – ATD(z): 10:25 – ATA(z): 15:18

TIME RNR.: 4h 49′ – LENGHT(NM): 535 – AVG.GS: 111 kts – FL: 070

ROUTING: Vanp, Nipad, Kinki, Jamshedpur, Calcutta

WEATHER ENR.: Some headwind

WEATHER AT DEST.: wind calm, sky clear, visibility 1500 mt (ILS 18 L)

PREV. WIND ENR.: 070°/ 15 k

NOTES: One more night flight, just because of the delay built up in Ahmadabad this morning! Talk bureaucracy: 7 page forms are usual in India. But people are very nice. Avgas 37 c/liter! Ahh, Calcutta! Quite a fascinating place but air pollution is dreadful…


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