28 Feb 1998 RODOS – DAMASCUS (Syria)

Second Leg



FROM: Rodos (Greece) – TO: Damascus (Syria)

DATE OF DEP.: 28/02/1998 – ATD(z): 07.00 – ATA(z): 11.56

TIME ENR.: 4h 56′ – LENGHT(NM): 594 – AVG.GS: 119 kts – FL: 090-110

ROUTING: Rodos, Eveno, Larnaca, Baniyas, Kariatain, Abbas, Damascus

WEATHER ENR.: Everything: headwind, moderate turbolance, rain and ice, provided by CB’s and several layers of stratus

WEATHER AT DEST.: Rain and toldering cumulus, visibility 5000 M, wind 030°/15

PREV.WIND ENR.: 100°/15

NOTES: That’s was tougher! To counterbalance the yesterday easy job we faced bad weather, filed IFR and flew most of the time IMC with rain. We encountered quick ice build up at 110 past Larnaca and eventually had to land at our alternate enroute. However the worst had to come at the Damascus airport: 4 hours spent among passport’s several hand-overs and huge (I say huge) landing costs. Friendly people though!

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