2 Mar 1998 RIYADH – SHARJAH (U.A.E.)

Fourth Leg



FROM: Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) – TO: Sharjah (U.A.E)

DATE OF DEP.: 02/03/98 – ATD(z): 05:55 – ATA(z): 09:37

TIME ENR.: 3h 42′ – LENGHT(MN): 520 – AVG.GS 141 kts – FL: 090

ROUTING: Oerk, Almal, King Fahd, Ratun, Tugos, Omsj

WEATHER ENR.: Lovely: tailwind and no clouds, but at the arrival…..

WEATHER AT DEST.: Scattered at 300 ft, broken at 3000 ft, visibility 3000 mt, thunderstorm and rain

PREV. WIND ENR.: 270°/25 k

NOTES: Another pleasant leg, except for the demanding for DME to run approach in heavy rain and turbulence. Thanks to col. Moretti and Scarlatti (military attachees at the italian embassies in Sharja and Riyadh) for the outstanding organization. Everything at the ground was smooth. A flock of photographers, journalists, and airport officers gathered around the “Pinguino” at our arrival: a real nice happening


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