12 Mar 1998 ADELAIDE – MELBOURNE (Australia)

Thirteenth Leg



FROM: Adelaide – TO: Melbourne (Australia)

DATE OF DEP.: 11/03/98 – ATD(z): 22:53 – ATA(z): 01:34 (12/03/98)

TIME ENR.: 2h 41′ – LENGHT(MN): 366 – AVG.GS 136 kts – FL: 4500 ft

ROUTING: YPPF, Nhill, Avoca, YMMB.

WEATHER ENR.: Broken altocumulus at 8000 ft, clear air turbulence

WEATHER AT DEST.: Cavok, wind 350°/20 k gusting to 30 k, visibility 10000 mt, temperature 39 °C (!!!).

PREV. WIND ENR.: 310°/20 k

NOTES: After having flown an average of 8 hours per day, this leg almost looked like a local flight to us! However due to previous activity we are pretty tired today, therefore we will stay at the hotel tonight. Tomorrow fron here to Camberra, then refuel and fly to Sydney. At the Melbourne airport we had the “SBS” radio and TV interviewing us. They said they wiil broadcast it on RAI international (and may be RAI 2) too. Keep your TV’s on. For the Italian friends: it seems that Radio Rai/Caterpillar will interview us today (thursday) on line between 18:00 and 19:15 Italian time.

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