11 Mar 1998 ALICE SPRINGS – ADELAIDE (Australia)

Twelfth Leg



FROM: Alice Springs – TO: Adelaide (Australia)

DATE OF DEP.: 10/03/98 – ATD(z): 22:36 – ATA(z): 04:07 (11/03/98)

TIME ENR.: 5h 29′ – LENGHT(MN): 717 – AVG.GS 130 kts – FL: 7500 ft

ROUTING: YBAS, Odnadatta, Woomera, Whyalla, YPAD.

WEATHER ENR.: No clouds, clear air turbulence

WEATHER AT DEST.: Cavok, wind 260°/10 k, visibility 20 miles.

PREV. WIND ENR.: 010°/15 k

NOTES: No, I was wrong. This is the longest leg flown so far: 717 NM, which equals 1328 Km. Enroute to Adelaide we felt so priviliged for having the opportunity to see what the Mars’ surface must look like. Why spend so much money to send “Path Finder” on the red planet? Just take a Jeep and make soundings here! Thanks to the Consul of Italy in Adelaide, Roberto Colaminè, for his kind hospitality.

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