10 Mar 1998 DARWIN – ALICE SPRINGS (Australia)

Eleventh Leg



FROM: Darwin – TO: Alice Springs (Australia)

DATE OF DEP.: 10/03/98 – ATD(z): 01:49 – ATA(z): 07:53

TIME ENR.: 6h 04′ – LENGHT(MN): 705 – AVG.GS 118 kts – FL: 7500 ft

ROUTING: Ypdn, Iskux, Opebu, Swyer, Ybas.

WEATHER ENR.: Scattered cumulus at 7000 ft

WEATHER AT DEST.: Cavok, wind calm, temp 38 °C

PREV. WIND ENR.: 120°/15 k

NOTES: Wow! This country is huge! Our longest leg in the raid (705 NM = 1305 km) brought us to Alice Springs. Hundreds of miles over the hot “outback” desert with no sign of life in sight. We had some fun trying to dolphin from a cumulus to another, seeking for updraft. Thanks to Alice Springs friends Murray and his son for their kindness and help.

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