1 Mar 1998 DAMASCUS – RIYADH (Saudi Arabia)

Third Leg



1st Part

FROM: Damascus – TO: Amman (Jordania)

DATE OF DEP.: 01/03/98 – ATD(z): 06.17 – ATA(z): 07.58

TIME ENR.: 1h 41′ – LENGHT(NM): 207 – AVG.GS: 126 kts – FL: 7500 ft

ROUTING: Osdi, Abbas, Zelaf, Kamel, Amrah, Ojam

WEATHER ENR.: Low layers with embedded cb’s and showers

WEATHER AT DEST.: Mist, light rain, visibility 4000, wind 240°/10k

PREV. WIND ENR.: 240°/20 k

NOTES: Despite of an early wake up in Damascus in order to get quickly to Amman and quickly take off to Riyadh, we have been staying 5(five) hours in Amman waiting for Saudi Arabia to work out a misunderstanding arisen in the overfly and landing permit request. Jordanian people very friendly and helpful but the gas is 1.43/liter!

2nd Part

FROM: Amman – TO: Riyad (Saudi Arabia)

DATE OF DEP.: 01/03/98 – ATD(z): 14:05 – ATA(z): 18:40

TIME ENR.: 5h 35′ – LENGHT(NM): 778 – AVG.GS: 139 kts – FL: 90-110

ROUTING: Ojam, Qrt, Guryat, Alshigar, Hail, Gassim, Sedik, Dobin, Oerk.

WEATHER ENR.: Thick layers up to FL 110, moderate ice in clouds.

WEATHER AT DEST.: Cavok, wind 340°/12

PREV. WIND ENR.: 270°/30

NOTES: The delay in Amman forsed us to fly most of this leg (one of the longest ones in the whole raid) night and IFR, all this overflying a very dark Arabian desert. Some 13 knt taiwind helped us to make this long leg shorter. Landed at “King Khalid” international (Riyadh); approach ILS-DME 33R, keeping a lot of “big guys” waiting for us to land.


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